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Best of '09

What was the most memorable arts event of 2009? Were you blown away by Enron at the Royal Court? Did you love Lily Allen at Glastonbury? Was Antony Gormley's Fourth Plinth the defining cultural moment of the year? Or perhaps it was an unheralded gig or play in your local theatre which stole the show?

Here, Independent writers name some of their favourite cultural moments of the year.

In the comments form below or via email to arts@independent.co.uk nominate your favourite - in film, music, theatre, comedy, dance or visual arts - with a brief explanation as to why it tops your list and we'll print a selection in The Independent Readers' Review of 2009.
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independent minds

Hannah Osborne: Drag Me To Hell

Posted by Best of '09
  • Thursday, 10 December 2009 at 04:01 pm
2009 saw Sam Raimi returning to what he does best. After wandering into the abyss of blockbuster filmmaking with his Spider-Man trilogy, Raimi released Drag Me To Hell. With more jumps than a defibrillator, the film harked back to his Evil Dead duo from the 80’s.

Drag Me To Hell follows the plight of Christine Brown played by Alison Lohman. She is a bank clerk who, very foolishly, refuses an extension to a gag educing old gypsy woman in order to get a promotion. Christine is followed by the old woman into the car park where (of course) she is fatally cursed, and will be dragged to hell in three days.

Along with the face hiding and seat gripping, Raimi offers regular bouts of comic relief, which are tinged with a devilish black humour. A poster of a cat with the title ‘hang in there’ is particularly amusing; as Christine goes on to butcher her kitty in the hope her soul will be spared.

The whole film is categorically facetious, leaving the audience entirely satisfied. Sam Raimi has the ability to make excellent horror films. And hopefully 2010 has more to offer; with the announcement that new film, The Evil Dead, is due for release next year.

Tell us your favourite cultural moments of the year in the comments form below or email them to arts@independent.co.uk. We'll print the best in the paper.


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